Big problem 9500 G graphics card

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Hello everyone,

I come to you today to present you my big problem!

I have a 9500 G graphics card (so connected to the PCI Express port of my computer) (not detected by Everest).

My motherboard is not recognized by Everest. "Unknown"

My computer does not work anymore.

I made several attempts.

This does not come from the graphics card because, I tried with another card. Still no signal.

By cons, if I use the video output on the motherboard (GeForce 7050 integrated), then it works!

But graphics cards plugged into the PCI slot does not work!



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Big problem 9500 G graphics card


ALEXANDER , after reading your complete post my suggestion to your problem is that first you should try to make up your board that can be accepted by Everest or any other software where it can be recognized because sometimes it is important that the board should not be unknown to the software due to which card not work properly, apart from this suggestion you should also try to change the PCI express slot , I mean to say that insert the card in other slot may be your first slot is faulty and to check the faulty slot you have to put some other card that supports PCI EXPRESS and then check will it works or not if it works means your slot is perfectly fine but if it is not means your card slot is not ok it is faulty ,




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