Best Nintendo DS Games available

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Best Nintendo DS Games available

I am used to Nintendo DS Games and in search of top 5 games

What are the best games available now and what are each about?

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Best Nintendo DS Games available


Hello Laeila,

Nintendo DS is one of the best video game device of all time. It even knocked out the widely popular device Gameboy. Now as you wanted, here is the top 5 game list of Nintendo DS of all time by IGN –

5. Mario Luigi – Released September 15, 2009

4. Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver – Released March 14, 2010

3. Picross DS – Released July 30, 2007

2. New Super Mario Bros. – Released May 19, 2006

1. Mario Kart DS – Released November 14, 2005

Hope it helps!


Wagner Desantiago

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Best Nintendo DS Games available


There are a lot of thrilling games in Nintendo DS. The mentioned games below are the top rating games.

1. Super Mario 3d Land – The designers at Nintendo Tokyo EAD subverted the expectations of 3D by playing with the perspective and using visual tricks like the Penrose Stairs.

2. Fire Emblem Awakening – This games gives a lot of perspective specially when you need to decide if some of the main characters will die on the battle field.

3. Animal Crossing: new lief – This game is best for relaxing having fun, different colors and won't take a lot of mind thinking like RPG. You will just enjoy it and have fun.

4. Zelda – it is the best nintendo's quintessential game. The games focuses with quest that excites the gamers and will make you smile after finishing the quest.

5. PushMo – Don't think that its just an easy game colorful easy and friendly at the beginning but it is up to 250 stages.

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Best Nintendo DS Games available



The best Nintendo DS games available now are:

1. Professor Layton and The Azran Legacy = this is the puzzle game. Unfold the mystery of the Azran civilization. Full of madness.

2. Moshi Monters:Moshlings Theme Park = this is an adventure game. Explore the theme park. That's all in one game.

3. Lego:Marvel Super Heroes-Universe in Peril = based on well known comic, Marvel. Featuring Hulk, Ironman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine and many more.

4. Pokemon Y = this is a new series of Pokemon games. Your tasks are finding the right Pokemon, take care of it, fighting opponents and many more.

5. Animal Crossing:New Leaf = It's all about a town. There you can build your own reputation by making new friends, becoming mayor of town and many more. Exciting and stress-free game.

The above list is the top 5 of Nintendo DS best games ever according to sequence.


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