List of Google’s Services and their Importance

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I want to open an account in each and every service that Google provides. I know a few like the Gmail, YouTube, Blogger and Wallet but I don't know all of them. I would be very grateful if you provide me a list of Google's facilities with their description and importance. I will be able to use Google completely. Please help.

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List of Google’s Services and their Importance


There is a numerous range of Google Services provided to its clients. 

Web based products of Google-

  • Search tools-

    • Google Search 
    • Encrypted Search 
    • Google Alerts 
    • Google Books 
    • Google Custom Search
    • Google Finance
    • Google Groups
    • Google Hotel Finder
    • Google Flight Search
    • Google Image Search
    • Google News and much more
  • Advertising services

    • AdMob
    • Google AdSense 
    • Google Ad Planner
    • Google AdWords
    • Adwords Express
    • Google Certification Program and much more
  • Communication and publishing tools

    • Google Cultural Institute
    • Google Art Project
    • FeedBurner
    • Google Keep
    • Google 3D Warehouse
    • Google Apps and much more.
  • Development tools

    • AngularJS
    • Angular
    • Google Web Components
    • Google App Engine
    • Google Developers
    • Dart 
    • Go and much more
  • Security tools

    • reCAPTCHA
  • Map-related products

    • Google Map Maker
    • Google Maps
    • Google Street View
    • Google Business Photos 
    • Google My Maps and much more.
  • Statistical tools

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Consumer Surveys
    • Google Correlate
    • Freebase
    • Google Fusion Tables
    • Google Public Data Explorer and much more.
Furthermore, there are numerous OSs, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications, Hardware devices & services provided by Google.

You can simply get more details about each of these services just by Googling the service terms.

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