Windows Explorer Hangs: Internet Explorer Not Responding Issue

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Hi All,

Off late I have been facing a problem with IE (Internet Explorer). After using the IE for a while and lock my laptop and return in a while the explorer hangs up. The window does not close on trying to cross off. When I try to close it with the 'Task Manager' a pop-up comes up saying IE not responding trying to resolve but the task does not end. I cannot even forse shut down/restart the laptop. I need to switch off the power and then restart. Please help!

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Windows Explorer Hangs: Internet Explorer Not Responding Issue


Hi Jackdaking,

      Why does Internet Explorer hangs up?

  1. Keep yourself up to date with the latest updates for Internet Explorer.  Whenever you encounter such problem try contacting them in that way they could also give you solutions on how to fix that kind of bugs or hang ups.  Try also to get the current version of Internet Explorer because the latest are more equipped of solving problems like that old version you are using right now.
  2. Might probably it's from the PC problem itself. 
  • Try to check the RAM Memory
  • Try to check also the cooling Fan.  There might be overheating occurs that made your computer hardware stop operating due to high temperature and will only normalize if the temperature cools down.

       3.   Or it could be the virus that harmed your computer.

  • Installed the latest antivirus software that is compatible with the system requirement you are using to make work perfectly.

Hope this could help you.



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Windows Explorer Hangs: Internet Explorer Not Responding Issue


Hallo Jac,

Seems like the problems is not only with internet explorer but it is with the system at large. Your computer might be running on a very low memory and therefore it cannot run many applications. Running many applications takes up a lot memory of the system causing it to freeze.

Therefore you will need to check the status of the RAM you have and upgrade it if it is too low. Also minimize running many applications at the same time. You can try using another browser like Firefox and see if the same occurs, if it does not then your internet explorer has a problem and therefore you will need to reinstall it.

Lee Hung

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