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I have a Huawei Ascend Y200 and I am looking for a descargar launcher huawei complete for it. I have tried Go Launcher Pro already but my phone slows down probably because my RAM can only hold at max 256 MB. Any suggestions of Launchers that may take on lesser RAM than the Go Launcher?

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Try Zeam Launcher.  It takes up lesser memory than Go Launcher.  If you have tried other launchers then you'll find this a little minimal in comparison but speed isn't compromise.  You might miss out some of the features available on other launchers but the plus point is, it can be downloaded for free. 

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Hi Ashley,

I am providing the best link for downloading descargar launcher for Huawei Ascend Y200. Please use below mentioned link for downloading:


After downloading, just install in your device and enjoy the new launcher. It consist great functions / features and it consumes less memory as compare to others.

I wish this solution will be fruitful. Thanks!


Fenster Maxine