Need Garmin Nokia Map USA

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Hello Techyv Friends,

I have installed Garmin XT on my Nokia phone, Will I be able to get US maps for the Garmin XT. Please do the needful for getting me the Garmin Nokia Map USA as I am really in need of the same.

Thanks & Regards,

Clark Son

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Need Garmin Nokia Map USA



Hi Clark Son,

I am sorry to say that you may have to pay to get US maps for the Garmin XT. You can buy it on SD card. It is not cheap. Try for Nokia Maps 3.3 instead of Garmin XT. It is free. It has maps for the whole world and on every destination you will visit.

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Need Garmin Nokia Map USA


Hi Clark,

You need to follow this steps for solve your problem.

At first you need to download “garminmobilextforsymbians603rdedition_50050.exe” file from this link below.

After download please setup this software.

Please connect your cell phone or memory card properly otherwise it may occur some error like below the picture.

If all connection are connected well you can click the Install Button

If your installation is finished then you can click Done button.

Then you must copy this folder on your cell phone or memory card,

You can see more folders on your cell phone.

Enter the folder named Garmin.

Then you must past folders form Voice

Make a folder named Vehicle and keep it on the Vehicle.

Make a folder like POI and keep in Autovelox.

After finish it the entire folder name Garmin look like this picture

This time you can cut off cell phone from computer or disconnect the memory card then keep it your cell phone’s memory card slot,

Now launch the installation of Garmin on your cell phone from File manager.


If it is not start properly

Make the program after finished the installation “OUTPUTS”

If setup is not stop the browser on “REGISTRATION”

Then again connect cell phone or Computer memory card to go the folder name Garmin that will be as a result

Leave the file named GarminDevice.xml by using notepad look like this line

Copy the number ID of your machine

Make a file like ULN – 1.3

Duplicate your ID number and Click on Generate

Select map products and choose (custom map set)

Now the window ask us for code Map ID


Now hit it off Generate

Double click the file named “ULN” by using Notepad “SW.UNL” of the first file. Paste main serial to your machine unlock the code and also save it for second file named gmapsupp.unl. Attach the second serial to your map unlock the code and save

if you don’t observe the addition, “ULN” but just “SW” otherwise “GMAPSUPP” no trouble saved it by the file surname by using from the save as type please select All Files .

Just the once save the both files copy to the Garmin folder

Now as well copy the folder named map forever gmapsupp.img

Cut off the whole thing and establish the browser as of your cell phone

locate it outer for at smallest amount 5+ minutes otherwise pending takes the sign

we know the word is "Ready for Navigation"put it outer for at smallest amount 5 minutes or pending takes the sign

we know by the word Ready for Navigation.


Enter the folder named Garmin.

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