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I just bought an iPod Touch and immediately got it jailbroken. The first thing I noticed with my iPod Touch is that it displays a weird percentage in my Battery Indicator. What might have caused this problem? Anybody know what might have caused this problem?


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Select Settings and then click General > Accessibility > Click the Home button three times and then select the Toggle VoiceOver. When done with the process, go back to the home menu and click the Home button three times again. 

The VoiceOver feature will be activated. Tap the battery icon and you will hear the VoiceOver feature will inform you the battery level percentage. To turn this feature off, click the Home button three times again. There are also other application that you can download from the App Store that will show the battery level of your iPhone.

Voice Over Feature

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Have you tried resetting your iPod Touch?

Try draining your iPod touch's battery and charge it for several hours until it becomes full. With this, the calibration becomes accurate. Do it everytime the battery goes low. The thing is, leaving the battery charged let's say, overnight, give the battery a gradual self discharge that permits the battery to drain thus leaving the cell of the battery enraptured.

This might've happened because wiring inside the Touch is probably worn out or damaged, which you might be wanting to have it checked too at the app store and get a battery meter checker or better yet, have it checked in Apple stores.