Automatic or Manually Run programs

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Please elaborate the advantages of manually opening a program rather than setting to start the program automatically on starting the computer?

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Automatic or Manually Run programs


Manually setting up a program to start up automatically may be having its strengths and weaknesses. The following are some of the advantages:

  • When a program is needed to be executing in the background as a background process for purposes like providing security to your computer, then it will be so important that you set it to start automatically so that any threats on the system like viruses and malware will not have a chance to execute. Some of such applications are antiviruses and firewalls.
  • It saves time that you will need to take starting each application.

But there are disadvantages too, some which are:

  • Setting many applications to start automatically may slow down the performance of the computer because they will be taking up a lot of memory space.
  • Some applications that may be set to start may not have a significant contribution to the processes of the system after start up and therefore no need to start them automatically.



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Automatic or Manually Run programs


This directly points to the programs you install that may require launching them when the operating system starts. This manner of opening the program depends on its functionality or its main function to the system.

There are applications that don’t require to be started when Windows boots and there are ones that are required by the system so they are automatically set to start when Windows boots. One example is Adobe Photoshop. When installing it on a computer, it will install Adobe Gamma Loader and will configure it to start automatically when Windows boots.

This is done by the program by default and not by the user. Another example is your antivirus. When you install this security software it is automatically started by default together with Windows. On the other hand, you can also set any programs to open automatically after booting Windows by dragging them in the Startup folder. You can do this by clicking then holding on the program and then dragging your mouse to Start, All Programs, and then Startup. After this your program will automatically open after booting Windows.

There are also other services in the system that runs automatically with Windows. You can find them in Administrative Tools under Services applet. The programs and services that run in this part can be set with different Startup types. Selecting Automatic means starting the program automatically when the system starts.

Selecting Manual doesn’t run the program together with Windows. This option depends on the user when he wants to start the program. Selecting Disabled will disable the program. It can’t be started either by the system or by the user.

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