Autodesk 3ds Max Failed Error 20

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Hello all,

I can’t find out why this following error message occurs, "The software license check out failed; error 20" (attached image). I made attempt in several ways such as by deleting autodesk files, FLEXnet files, and uninstall-install 5 times.

But all goes to fail. It displays repeatedly. Need any solutions to solve this problem.

Autodesk 3ds Max 2011

The software license checks out failed Error 20.


Thanks for suggestions.

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Autodesk 3ds Max Failed Error 20




As you have told that you already install again and again the software but the same answer appears and this is solution which I gives you if you does not tell me that you have install again and again but as you have told me so I have another option for this problem.

1. Go to the registry and check what are the things required for the software license and registry and then register the software. For registering type on Google how to crash or register the Autodesk also the version it will show you how to register and also gives the license key or key generator which will help you in registering the data. But if still not able to register then the option is

2. If you are still not able to do the above task then change your date and also month change your date of the computer about 20 days before and then run the software it will start working.

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Autodesk 3ds Max Failed Error 20



It might be that your license has expired. Check for that and again install the software. The problem will be vanished. However, you might have multiple versions of the software attached on the software and in that case as well you might encounter this problem. Check for these two issues and you will find this problem solved.

Waters Magner

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