Know some details about Mdaemon thunderbird Addressbook

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Hello expert,

I need to know some details about Mdaemon thunderbird Addressbook. I can publish contact information to LDAP server on MDaemon. But why I cannot have a Build in LDAP server on MDaemon?

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Know some details about Mdaemon thunderbird Addressbook


Hi Tikwa Zuph,

Thanks for raising the issue. By default LDAP server does not built into the MDaemon server. Rather if you choose a LDAP server MDaemon can publish it for you.

There is two ways you can use LDAP server with your MDaemon server. I am mentioning both the option. Just choose which suites your environment best.

Option 1: MDaemon can be configured to use LDAP server as its database rather than using its local USERLIST.DAT file. If you have MDaemon server in multiple location you can use this LDAP server as a central database which can be accessed by all MDaemon server upon proper configuration. It will act as a single user database sharing user information & not storing it locally. Follow below process to configure:

In MDaemon click on Setup > Default Domain / Servers > LDAP after the established connection between MDaemon & LDAP.

Option 2: Another option is if you want to keep the default setting of MDaemon using USERLIST.DAT you can still enable the option. In this way LDAP will keep update all the user information which means you have a global address book without having to use a single backend database. LDAP will also act as a Remote verification server through data exported by MDaemon. Use the shown process to enable LDAP:

Setup Menu > Default Domain / Servers > LDAP/Address Book Options > LDAP:

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