Arduino Eclipse Extensions 1. 2. 3

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Hi all 

I had been searching for free notes on the site but didn't notice them.  Please help me where I am able to get them now.For the first occasion, I setup Eclipse as well as your Arduino Eclipse Extensions on the machine. I also tried to install 1.2.0 but I found an error message that a number of the needed java libraries was not able to download from your website. 

I got 1.2.3 under the "uncategorized" type as well as that's what shows to install properly. 

When I found these troubles I uninstall them and after that install 1.2.2 but found a same error message to the 1.2.0 set up that Eclipse was not able to download every library from your website. 

To copy the bug I'm observing I do these (on OS X Lion):

1.Set up fresh Eclipse C++ Juno or Indigo package as well as the new Arduino IDE (1.0.1)
2. Use Help >"Install New Software" to set up Arduino Eclipse Extensions 1.2.3 from
3. Start again Eclipse, as necessary.
4. Go Eclipse >Preferences
5. Go the Arduino >Arduino tab
6. Put the Arduino IDE path to /Applications/
7. Put the Private Library Path to /Users/dlouw/Documents/Arduino/Libraries
8. Select "Use Arduino IDE tools in eclipse"
9. Go the Arduino >AVRDude tab
10. Select "Use custom configuration file for AVRDude"
11. Put the AVRDude config file path to "/Applications/"
12. Go Arduino >Paths tab
13. Select "Disable search for system paths at startup" (though the problem remains if this is unclicked)
14. Select the "AVR-GCC" line in the table and click the "Edit…" button (same problem if I double click the row in the table)
Expected results:

A few form of dialog box shows to allow me put the value.
Real results:

The button shows to click however nothing occurs.  I get the similar experience with all the tables.  If I attempt to stop or navigate from that page I find an error that says "The currently displayed page contains invalid values".

I need to solve it. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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Arduino Eclipse Extensions 1. 2. 3


Hello Annelforth,

You need to make sure that the eclipse project is compatible with the IDE. In order to compile your code directly in the Arduino IDE you will have to do something extra using the following three actions:

  • After installation you will have to tell Eclipse to process pde like C++ file.
  • After a new sketch project has been created you will need to tell the compiler to treat pde files like C++ files and as well rename cpp file to pde.
  • After library has been included, you will have to add a include of the library to the pde file.

Hope this helps.




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