Hi to programmers. I am learning the Fortran and want to use PGI Visual Fortran in Microsoft Visual studio 9 so that I could utilize the Fortran compiler easily. But I don’t know how to embed Visual Fortran in visual studio and run the Fortran code in it. I have searched but did not find any useful material. Someone would like to help me please.

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I am the beginner fortran programmer and I would like to collect the software such as fortran compiler easiest gui for developing the programs on fortran. Please suggest me which one to use for 32-bit Intel Linux. Thank you in advance!

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Hello Techyv Experts,

I am a FORTRAN programmer and want to know how to use dislin gui windows on Windows XP machine. I need its download link and installation process with it's configuration. Please help me to get some how-to links.

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I use Pgi visual fortran 2008 in Windows OS to create a project that consists of a fortran library.

It compiles and builds ok but when I set a link , I get some errors .

I have changed the platform such as eclipse , but the problem remains the same .

How can I fix it ?

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I have been learning how to build Fortran programs. I'm new to Absoft ProFortran 11. Can someone direct to some tutorials on how to build a Fortran program in this IDE?

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Hi professionals,

Could you help me in this issue?

I have installed Windows 7 64 bit version in my PC. I’ve a good experience with FORTRAN as far as DOS is considered. I need use Simply Fortran, Is there any manual or tutorial that I can use?
I have been able to compile. But Simply Fortran does not recognize my data files when I attempt to run my program. I get an error message stating: "FORTRAN runtime error: File 'input1.txt' does not exist. Press any key to continue. ”
Could anyone suggest any answer? I’m waiting to get a response from your side. Thanks a lot in Advance.
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Hello. I am looking for solutions to this error that I got:

Check environment variable NLSPATH and protection of pathname/

The Intel Fortran message catalog file was not found. This error has no condition symbol.”

If you have a solution to this please post it here.

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Hi. I am looking for help regarding a Fortran error message that I have encountered. The error message number that I am referring to is: nnn

Here is the statement of the error: ‘The Intel Fortran message catalog file was not found on this system. This error has no condition symbol. ‘


Please provide me a solution for this.

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In my country, I noticed that Fortran, a rare yet high paying programming language is in demand nowadays. I have small Java background and a bit of Python knowledge. I would like to try out Fortran any time soon so what would you suggest I do to help me learn and understand Fortran? Should I use Fortran as my main development tool?

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Hi friends

Can any one give me a complete list of Fortran Commands? What is Fortran 90 and Fortran 77?

Help would be appreciated.


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