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After installing 2 PCI-6225 on a single PC using NI-DAQmx drivers v. 8.5.0f5, the following error message showed up:

"Software error occurred in MIG software.  Status Code: -229665."

It is happening only when my application is placed in the Windows Startup folder. Normally this application runs by default at startup and if I start it manually after closing the application, no problems occur. I thought reinstalling the DAQmx drivers and the Measurement Studio for VS2005 will work, but it won’t.

It is really a problem if it always starts automatically when I start the system.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon regarding this problem and possible solutions.

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Hi Wxler Huddard,

You have said that your application is running well when you open it manually, so it's cool that your application is doing good, the problem is the startup message. You just don't want to see any bothering startup message for that application. You can easily ignore this startup message by doing some following steps:

Step One - Go to Start Menu.

Step Two - Write "msconfig" into RUN.

Step Three - A system configuration window will appear.

Step Four - Click "Start Up" Tab and uncheck your application.

From now on, you may see that the startup message is not showing up.

System Configuration Window