BIOS update failed! Failed to flash BIOS image

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Hello experts here.

I have a problem to my computer Bios(Del Inspiron 1501) so I download latest bios which I know can be use to my computer.

So downloaded the latest version which is version 2.6.3 for Del Inspiron 1501 Laptop.

But when I run the installer I got this error.

What can I do for now?


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BIOS update failed! Failed to flash BIOS image:

BIOS is not flashable.

Error code: -144

See the Help for troubleshooting.


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BIOS update failed! Failed to flash BIOS image


Hi Gregory, Flashing Bios is one of the crucial and risky things to do because it can brick your Computer, and possible to corrupt your Bios Program if something went wrong in Flashing with your Bios but if you are willing to take the risk then i will tell you how. First you need to download your Bios Installer at Make sure that you downloaded the exact Bios Program for your Computer or else you will brick your Computer. Second, you need a Bootable Flash Drive, make sure that your Flash Drive is empty and Bootable or else it will not boot. Now copy the Bios Image to the Flash Drive then turn off your Computer. WARNING: Do it at your own risk. Make sure that your Battery is properly inserted and the A/C adaptor is plugged in, Insert the USB Flash Drive in the USB port then Press and Hold FN+F2 and press the Power Button wait until it reads the USB Flash Drive and it will automatically reboot your Computer when it is done successfully.

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BIOS update failed! Failed to flash BIOS image


That can happen if the BIOS update you tried to install is for a different computer. When updating the BIOS of your computer, be very careful because you might end up with a broken computer if you keep updating the BIOS. If you don’t experience any problem with your BIOS or with your computer, avoid updating the BIOS.

For Dell Inspiron 1501, go to Support for Dell Inspiron 1501 to get the complete set of drivers for your computer. This includes the BIOS update you needed for your computer. Before downloading, make sure you select your correct operating system. The drivers for Dell Inspiron 1501 are available only for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

This version doesn’t have drivers for Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10.

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