Apple mobile sync quit unexpectedly

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Recently I upgraded to Leopard and now I am getting an error when trying to sync my iPhone.

When I start syncing it, I get an error on my screen. the screenshot is attached below:

 The application AppleMobileSync quit unexpectedly

The message states:

The application AppleMobileSync quit unexpectedly.

Mac OS X and other application are not affected.

Click Relaunch to launch the application again. Click Report to see more details or send a report to Apple.

Any ideas what might be the reason behind this error? Your suggestions are anxiously awaited.

Kindest regards.

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Apple mobile sync quit unexpectedly


Dear Jesica,

I have read your question and I understand that you are facing problems with your iPhone synching to ITunes. You mentioned that this problem occurred after updating to leopard, means you were able to synch before or not, and are you sure that you have the latest ITunes software, because it might need to be updated.

Also are you able to open the ITunes or not at all, and when this error occurs what do you click on ignore, report or re launch.

Now if you are able to open ITunes follow these steps:

1. On your ITunes window, Click on help then run diagnostics.

2. When you are asked which tests you like to run, click on device sync test then click on next.

3. When the tests run and finish, unplug your iPhone.

4. On your ITunes click on store then De-authorize this computer.

5. Enter your apple id an password then click on de authorize.

6. Then open the store again and click on authorize this computer.

7. Now plug your iPhone and try to synch again.

If you are unable to open ITunes you need to install it and get the latest version of ITunes from

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