Are iTools and Apple’s cloud computing system within the same platform?

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When I started using the latest Apple phone, my note application no longer integrated via iTools. I verified the options and setup and nothing was out of place. After I did this, the problem was gone and the integration is consistent now. However, my calendar application is acting up either sluggish or not updating at all. I even try to turn on some past entries in both the phone and my computer because they are not integrating.

I am not a technical person and I do not have any knowledge on the system. Why this is happening? Is it the program or am I just doing something wrong? Will the cloud computing application be more reliable, and since it has been released more recently, better on innovation?

Can you advice me if I should switch to cloud computing or will there be a better and improved version lined up to be released in the near future?

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Are iTools and Apple’s cloud computing system within the same platform?


I think that there is no plan of upgrade or an improved version of cloud computing from Apple because they just started this service and it is turning out pretty well. Following are few facts that I want to share with you.

Apple is owned by a lot of shareholders so everything Apple corporation does is to delight its shareholders so that they can stay. For example why they will sell 5 Mac PC towers when you can sell 5000 iPhones. If you can sell 20 copies of FCP for 900$ then why not sell 900,000 apps for just few dollars. These are all economics. This is how the big companies create monopoly and succeed in market

For your concern about iTools and iCloud, I have also use iTools. I am a freelancer and I usually do small projects. It is very important for me to retain my email address. Unlike you I have nothing to do with calenders. But iCloud is something better. You can access it via any browser you want or in any device like iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. There is no restriction to it.

To convince you about the iCloud, let me tell you some key points. iCloud is for free and offers you free space. You can use that money which you spend on buying iTools into something else or even buying a third party application or sharing site which are available in plenty out there.

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