Anyone Knows Modeling Intuitive 3D Designs?

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Good Day Friends!

Do you have an experience in modeling intuitive 3D designs? Can you share your expertise and tell us what is the best software to use? I need an easy to use and easy to learn 3D software. Can you give your opinions on different 3D softwares such as AutoCAD, AutoDesk, 3DCrafter and others? Your help is much appreciated.

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Anyone Knows Modeling Intuitive 3D Designs?


There are no 3D softwares that are easy to learn without effort. When choosing the software you need to give time to read and watch some tutorials on the internet, especially if you’re beginner, so it would be easy for you to learn and use. Most 3D software is expensive if you really want to have a professional result, however there are some free software that you can use.

My recommendation for a commercial 3D software is 3D studio max. It is a high-end 3D modelling tool but easy to understand because of the user interface.  Maybe at first 3D Max looks confusing at first look, just because of lots of menu icons but as you go along you’ll start creating great stuff. Also, on this software it would be easier to texture and light which makes a better output. You can also try Maya which has more of a complete package than 3D studio Max. But you have to learn and learn because it is has too much in the initial GUI. It is a nice program, but confusing. Maya is good for modelling but if you’re looking to get into game modelling go with 3D Max as you can export it as .obj format that can be imported to almost all 3D softwares.

You can also try some Free softwares like Blender, Google Sketch, and 3Dtin.

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