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Hello! I want to update my Norton AntiVirus for Windows on my computer. I am using Windows 7 as an operating system of my computer and everytime I update the said antivirus it gives me this error message: Error Code 80072F8F. What seems to be the problem? I will wait for your kind for your help. Thank you!

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Hello Dear,

You have problem in updating Norton antivirus. Here are some tips, which will help you to solve your problem-

**Uninstall the Norton antivirus from your computer.

**Delete all directory files from program files folder of C drive from your computer.

**Restart your computer.

**Now download the latest version of Norton antivirus.

**Now install the Norton antivirus software in your computer.

**If you are using windows 7 operating system, then before installation click right button of mouse on the antivirus and then run as administrator.

**Now after installation restart the computer again.

**Now you are ready to update Norton.

I hope your problem will be solved. Have a nice day.

Thank you.