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Hey I've seen people using Anonymous quickie phone app, and it really works. But how such things really works? geo-tagging or something else? Please share your idea.

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Dear Finlay,

the app's name is TheXchange. I believe it is only a matter of time before apply removes it from the app store. It uses the apple iPhone's geolocating capabilities to filter out users on the app to local areas, vicinity etc. It even ets you build a profile so that someone can look you up before actually contacting you for brief anonymous intercourse.

Also supported on the iPod touch, the app requires a Wifi connection or data plan to work.

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I’m not sure if my guess is right but I think you got the idea about the “anonymous quickie phone application” from one episode of Law & Order SVU, a TV series in the U.S. The episode’s title is “Quickie”, season 11 episode 11 and aired on January 6 of 2009.

Anonymous Quickie refers to a term used in a Law and Order SVU episode coined for a mobile service that matches people interested in casual love-making activities with each other using a geo-targeting mobile application. I think the mobile service is in a form of a phone application where it needs to be installed to activate and use the service. Anonymous Quickie uses the phone as a geo-locator to track people nearby looking for anonymous “Quickie”.


Sharath Reddy