Can anyone put a virus to the entire wifi system?

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I'm using my Android, Samsung phone as a WiFi hotspot. I have made public my WiFi connection.

Is it possible for someone to put a virus to the entire WiFi system?

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Can anyone put a virus to the entire wifi system?


Hi Tricia , 

Your problem seems to be illegal , anyway we have answers of that too . What you need is a way to put virus to the entire wifi system. 

1. First step you have to do is find a good virus that affects and can work on the android platform , either you have to find it or make it if you are an expert android developer. This will be used to send to other wifi networks to make it affect other hosts.

2. Search in android market  for any softwares that can send files over wifi network .  ( thats easy there are 100s of such softwares take time to choose the best )

3. Now Change the settings of that app so that it sends this virus file to the wifi hosts. 

4 . After setting everything you are done , now you can send viruses to the entire wifi hosts !! 

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Can anyone put a virus to the entire wifi system?


A Wi-Fi system or Wi-Fi network is similar to a Local Area Network or LAN that connects different computers and devices to one another. The only difference is that, in a local area network, the computers are connected via cable while in a Wi-Fi network, the computers and devices are connected wirelessly or without cable. For a computer to be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network, it must be installed with a Wi-Fi adapter.

The Wi-Fi adapter is responsible for establishing a connection between the computer and the Wi-Fi hotspot or the Wi-Fi network. The computer is connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot using a signal. The nearer its location to the Wi-Fi hotspot, the stronger the signal, the more stable the connection will be. The farther your location to the Wi-Fi network, the weaker the signal, the less stable the connection will be.

Yes, it is possible for a virus to travel via Wi-Fi but to literally infect the entire Wi-Fi network, I’m not sure if it’s possible. The virus doesn’t literally reside on the Wi-Fi network but on the computer infected with the virus that is connected to the Wi-Fi network. The virus only uses the network as a means of transportation so it can travel from one computer to another.

If a Wi-Fi network is disabled or turned off, the virus will remain on the computer. If you are worried that your phone will get infected since you are using it as a Wi-Fi hotspot and made it public, that’s not possible. There are no reports yet of a computer virus that infects an Android Smartphone or an iOS device. There is no Android virus or iOS virus.

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