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I have an application in my android phone called "PC REMOTE CONTROL". Whenever I write my "IP ADDRESS" in it and connect and it shows cannot connect to host.

Is anyone knows how to do it? Tell me exactly what to do, and tell me the methods on how to see my computer IP ADDRESS.

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This is a nice feature of Android phone that other smartphone doesn't have. A great advantage to have and it's their marketing strategy. Allowing you to use your smartphone as remote control.

You can activate this feature and you can start controlling your TV, change channel and do what regular remote control does. It's amazing and a modern age invention.

Here's how to turn on Android Remote control on PC. You will need the following;

  • Install Gmote Server software on your computer.
  • Install Gmote app from Android Market or website.
  • Linux computer, Windows or Mac will do.
  • A router with wireless capable and port 8889 has to be open.

You'll need to install this feature on the Android's website. Launch the application and it'll be asking you to install the Gmote software application.

Android Remote control on PC

Sharath Reddy