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Should I use Grub or Grub2 for a Ubuntu 10.10 on a BTRFS / and ext2 /boot install?

Does it even make a difference?

I am confused. please help.


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Dear Tyson,

When Grub or Grub 2 is used for Ubuntu 10.10 on BTRFS, Yes it makes a difference. Because Grub2 is the default boot loader and manager for Ubuntu since version 9.10 and it has a higher resistance. But if you want the one you prefer, it doesn't  matter, as long as your boot partition is on ext2 file system.

Hope this help you solve your problem.

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Hi there,
It is highly recommended that you use GRUB 2 as it is the default boot manager for Ubuntu 9 + and is also the case for many distributions both fedora and ubuntu based but also the same case for gentoo and slackware and their derivatives.
I would advice you that you don't tinker with the boot loader as it is essentially the gateway for the system to recognize and boot the OS.
As for differences, externally they aren't much different from one another, but GRUB 2 has a more robust and more reliable hence less susceptible to kernel conflicts