Advanced usb port monitor 6 of usb midi keyboard

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I am trying to monitor the signal of a USB midi keyboard but the driver is not installed the keyboard is shown as an invalid USB device and I can’t start monitoring.  I had tried the free version on catching data during the enumeration stage but failed.  The monitor seems can start only after the USB device has been enumerated,  or it is a limitation of this free version? But isn't it the purpose of advanced USB Port monitor 6 to show what are the raw data on the port even without driver ? Is there a way to monitor the data in the USB?  Thanks for the help in advance.

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Advanced usb port monitor 6 of usb midi keyboard


Hi Sutclifffe

Yes there is a way to monitor the data from a USB by using USB Sniffer for Windows.

A tool that logs USB data exchanges between hardware and device driver.

And you could also try USB Monitor Pro. A tool that lets you monitor USB data, detect bugs and issues. Can monitor several devices at a time.

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