Adobe Photoshop while saving the current projects

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Hi experts,

I had this “surprise” today. I lost my 3 hours of work because of a program error. The program worked just fine and I never had any error with. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ? How can I prevent this to happen again ?

Kind regards !

Could not save as “Breky wrap QR code.png” because of a program error.


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Adobe Photoshop while saving the current projects


That is a program error caused by the application. If you are working on a raw file or a raw project, I’m not sure if you will be able to save your work since Adobe Photoshop seems to be unstable or has errors. Before continuing your work with Adobe Photoshop, make sure the application is really working fine. Try opening other files first and do some minor work to see if you will get the same error.

Also check the available memory on your computer. If you are running other programs aside from Adobe Photoshop, try closing them except Adobe Photoshop and then try again. If the problem continues, you should reinstall Adobe Photoshop. Uninstall Adobe Photoshop, restart your computer, and then install it back. After that, start Adobe Photoshop and check if the error comes back.

You can also check if your operating system has an available patch or fix for Adobe Photoshop. Click on the Apple menu and select Software Update. If there is an update for Adobe Photoshop, install it. When you are prompted, enter your administrator username and password to continue.

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