Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Error

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I'm using Windows XP and Adobe PhotoShop CS5 Extended. I've been working on a drawing all day, and I've opened it up numerous times over the last few days. I've edited it as well, and haven't had any trouble with it until now. Out of nowhere I got the following error:

Adobe PhotoShop CS5 Extended

The saved printer information is not compatible with this

version of Photoshop, or the saved printer is no longer

available. You will need to check your printer settings before


And I have no idea what to do to print what I want. I've tried to open it in GIMP (won't open), PSP (won't open), and ImageReady which opens it, but all the layers except the bottom one are blank, and the bottom one's colors are wrong and it only seems to show the top half of the image.
Is there any other way I could open and save this picture?

 I don't have any more programs that might be able to open it, but if someone else could or something, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Error


Hi friends to avoid this error you can follow this solution.

Go to the ..—Cusersappdataroamingadobe PhotoShop cs5adobe PhotoShop cs5 setting

Then you have to delete some file.

Find out the following file like..

Adobe PhotoShop cs5 prefs.psp

Color setting.csf

Workspace prefs.psp


Now you can run PhotoShop


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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Error


As far as I know, there is no application that limits itself from using a specific printer or has a printer incompatibility issue. But I’m also not sure. It is possible that your Adobe PhotoShop CS5 Extended has a corrupted file in it. Try uninstalling Adobe PhotoShop CS5 Extended from your computer then install it back. This will fix any corrupted files in the installation and will restore its settings back to default. After reinstalling the application, try opening the file again and do a test print.

If you still get the same error, disconnect your printer from the computer then uninstall its driver including its software then restart the computer. When Windows has finished booting, plug the printer again to the computer and see if the system will detect it. Proceed on installing its driver and its application on the computer and try printing the file again.

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