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Can you possibly give me solution to this problem? I used to run Adobe Creative Suite under Windows 7 for quite a while. I seem to have no trouble about it before. But I remember it has only been one time that I encountered an error. It has not really bothered me that time since I was thinking of it to be widespread. But can you please tell me why an error would pop up when I click Edit/Camera Raw Preferences? The error message says “Bridge‘s parent application is not active. Bridge requires that a qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature”.  I have tried to right click and double click the image and chose “Open in Camera Raw” but then it still shows the same message. What other option do I have to do to avoid this? 

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The Adobe products need some form of communication in between them. Since the error is clearly stating the adobe suit that you are trying to use if not synced up with the adobe bridge.

  1. Open up the adobe suit application and see if it is directly connected to the bridge.
  2. If it is not connected, then first connect it using proper ways and then proceed below.
  3. Now open up the bridge application and refresh the connections.
  4. If the new connection is made successfully, you will be able to see a list of things from the adobe suit at the right side of the screen of the software.
  5.  After that you can use the application without any problem.

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I got the same problem and I believe I have the solution to your problem. The application won’t open the jpg file and I kept getting this error.

The only way I was able to open it is to go into Photoshop.

Then File, click on Open as and navigate the image you want to open in Camera Raw.

Expand the dropdown list and select Camera Raw.

Then click on Open.

The jpg file will now open in Camera Raw.

I hope this provides you the information you are looking for.