Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended error with documents

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Hi there,

This is not the first time when my projects in Photoshop show up errors. After this error my project looks different with lost data. Can anyone help me to skip these errors ? Why I have this errors and can this be prevented ?

Thank you !

This document contains unknown data which will be discarded to keep layers editable. To preserve the original appearance instead, choose Flatten to load composite data as a flattened image.

Keep Layers Cancel Flatten

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended error with documents



Adobe Photoshop is one of the greatest photo editing software with tremendous power. The error you’re facing isn’t very pleasant for you for sure. Such issue indicates that the file you’re trying to open is created with a later version of Adobe Photoshop.

You’re using Photoshop CS3 Extended. The file was created with a later version that includes advanced layout or graphical details which can’t be rendered in this version.

The way to solve this issue is to update Adobe Photoshop to CS5.1 or CS5.1 Extended. That contains all the latest features and able to render those. If you intend not to update, you have to select “Flatten” to simplify the PSD and open it using your old Photoshop. Download Adobe Photoshop.

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended error with documents


That message is actually not an error. It is just an information telling you about the current document you want to open. That message is normally shown when you open a document in Photoshop that was created using an earlier version of the program or Adobe Photoshop. There is actually no solution on this because there is no actual problem on the document.

It’s just that the contents and properties of the document differs from what is required by the program and are somewhat not compatible with the program you are using. That’s the compatibility problem with Photoshop. They are not backward compatible with earlier versions or they don’t support backward compatibility. If you want to edit the file, use the same version of Photoshop that was used to create the file.

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