Adobe PageMaker 6.5 printer message pop up

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Greetings techy peeps, I got  this pop up message when I was trying to open  files?

I got the files from the other friends USB. What do I do with this?

Will this affect my settings especially with my printer please help.


Adobe PageMaker

Cannot load your target printer HP Deskjet 640C/642C/648C on LPT1:

Open the File Document Setup dialog box and choose the appropriate printer driver in the 'Compose to printer' menu.


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Adobe PageMaker 6.5 printer message pop up


The problem may be caused by several things:

1. Reinstall the printer drivers and check the connections.

2. Try to print from other applications.

If it prints,

There are some problems with adobe page maker.

Check the page setup. Make sure your printer can print the page size you selected.

It can't print,

  1. Make sure the connections are alright.
  2. Check the power cable.
  3. Check if cartridges are installed properly.

If there are still problems, contact the service center.

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Adobe PageMaker 6.5 printer message pop up


Hi! since you got the file from a friend, the file may be corrupted, that is why you cannot open it in your computer, the problem might be with the USB.

You can open it with another computer sees if it can open the file.

If not check your printer, connections, check if there is still ink to print. If error shows up again, having you checked possible problems, the problem is with the printer, you can contact customer support regarding your printer, or try reinstalling it.

Good luck!

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