Adobe Flash Player Stopped Working

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I recently updated my Adobe Flash Player 8 to Adobe Flash Player 10. It worked flawlessly before upgrading it to version 10.  All my games and videos didn’t work. I can only see a white box with error the plug in content has been disabled. I uninstalled it then reinstall for few times now, but it doesn’t work. I am using Mozilla Firefox as my browser and everything that needs a flash player isn't working.  Whenever I tried installing Adobe flash, the loading took a while and then stops. Same thing if I go back to my original version of it. But I need to install the latest version because some site needs a newer version.

The plugin for this content has been disabled. Click here to manage your plugins.

Is this some kind of a virus? If no, how can I fix it? I followed the Adobe support page but it didn’t work either. I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit OS, I am installing Adobe Flash Player Version 10.3. I already checked on my firewall settings and there is no problem with it. I even checked for a latest java update to check if it's the one missing but my java is updated.  If anyone here who have a better solution please help me.

Thank you.

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Adobe Flash Player Stopped Working


Halo Brent.

Thank you for your question.

When you experience problems with adobe flash player (or with any pages using plugins e.g. Java, Windows Media Player etc), it is advised to check and determine if a plugin is the source of the problem.

Problems arising from plugins may lead a computer to crash/hang, the multimedia items or images may not load, or you can experience problems when downloading.

Troubleshooting plugins

The first step is to determine if the plugin is causing the problem. One can selectively disable plugins even when Firefox is running. In the event you suspect a given plugin, disable it; and go ahead to test for the problem. On the other hand, if the plugin to be disabled is not known, do the following:

  1. Go to the Firefox window, and then click the Firefox button, click Add-ons. On menu bar, click Tools menu, then click Add-ons. This will open the Add-ons manager tab.
  2. Go to Add-ons manager tab, and select Plugins panel.
  3. Choose a plugin from the list, and click its Disable option. This step should be repeated for every plugin in the list. Note that you need not restart Firefox to effect your changes.
  4. You should then test for your problem. In case it does not occur, you should go back to Add-ons manager tab; then re-enable the plugins one by one (using enable button).

Do this until you find the one that causes the problem to occur.

In the event that disabling a plugin solves your problem, go ahead with the following steps.

Updating/re-installing plugins

Problems with plugins can be solved by updating a plugin to its latest version. Visit the Mozilla Plugin Check page to determine if your installed plugins are outdated.

In case that updating to the most recent plug-in version, or reinstalling it does not help, I advise that you leave it disabled.

Uninstalling a plugin yourself (Manually)

When you cannot remove a plugin using an uninstall program, do it manually by:

1. In the location bar, write about:config then enter. When the warning page appears reading “this might void your warranty” click “I’ll be careful, I promise!”

2. When you have the about.config page, you should search for this preference: plugin.expose_full_path

3. Then double click the plugin: expose_full_path preferencein the given list to change value to “true”.

4. Then enter about:plugins in the locationbar to display About Plugins page.

5. Each of the entries in the about plugins page will show “File name:”, then followed by a path. By use of windows Explorer, navigate to the shown folder for the plugin you want removed.

6. Then you should rename the file with a different name than its original name. e.g. npws32 becomes xhrtg2

Thus the plugin will have been removed.

How to re-initialize the plugins database

Sometimes, installing/reinstalling a plugin may be impossible. To fix the problem, you should re-initialize plug-ins database by:

1. Opening your profile folder.

  • Go to the top of the Firefox window; and click on Firefox menu, go to Help menu and choose Troubleshooting Information. This will open the troubleshooting information tab.
  • Go to the Application Basics section, and click Open Containing Folder. This opens a window with your profile files.

2. Go to top of the Firefox window, and click on Firefox button. Then click exit.

3. Delete pluginreg.dat file.

4. Open your Firefox.

  • Go to the Location bar, and type about:plugins. Press enter to bring up Firefox plugins list.

Hoping this answer will help.


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Adobe Flash Player Stopped Working


Thank you for sending some answer to my problem. I think this is a normal scenario when running flash player.

But anyway, I was able to determine the problem with your help.

I uninstall the plugin manually then re-install it again.

Thanks again.

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