76 File not found: ..DLLInstallationUtil.dll error

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After uninstalling some softwares and games from my PC, when I want to install new ones that I really need I get very often this kind of errors. Missing DLL files is the most common error that I have and I don’t know how I can solve this. Does anyone can help me with this error? Is there any way to get back the missing DLL files?

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Compass 2.0 Windows Downloader


File not found: ..DLLInstallationUtil.dIl


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76 File not found: ..DLLInstallationUtil.dll error


If you recently removed several applications from your computer then maybe one of those programs must have been removed incorrectly or the process didn’t complete. This can happen if you removed applications all at once and without doing any rebooting after each application. The best way to fix it is to reinstall the program in error.

If you still have the installer, reinstall Compass 2 Windows Downloader and it should fix the problem with the missing DLL file. In case you no longer have the installer, you can download the latest version from Compass Windows Downloader. Unfortunately, before you can download the file you need to have a valid account. See the page for more info.

Once the application is reinstalled, you can decide later if you still want to remove it or just keep it installed. And if you decide to remove it, do use the Add or Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel to properly uninstall it.

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