23. Highlight and copy Problem on MS Word.

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I have a problem in copying with MS Word as whenever I copy a word and after highlighting the text to be replaced it is not staying on and is highlighting a few span of time before clicking copy and one thing I have noticed that after 10 successful copies after highlighting it has been a hard time. Provide me any solution in regarding to this query.  

Thank You.

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23. Highlight and copy Problem on MS Word.


Hi Miller Barbara,

Sometime when you work with some sort of heavy work on MS word your cache memory or your removable memory can get load and cause many problem like you are facing.

You can try restarting your PC or keep your cache memory clean or avoid low memory and if you still find same problem occurs then there is something wrong with your Mouse, try to highlight your text using keyboard by following way :

Put the flashing text cursor right in front of the text you want to select, then hold down SHIFT and use the arrow keys by moving towards the way to the end point of your selection.

Try this software to avoid low memory or low cache memory problem.

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23. Highlight and copy Problem on MS Word.


Hello Miller,

I have ever experienced an error like that when using word too but is usually resolved by restarting the program. You might want to close the program completely by going to the task manager and ending the process under the processes tab. If you restart if after that you shouldn't get any issue.




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