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I had installed Informix 11.10 developer edition in Windows XP. Without changing any of the configuration parameters, I tried to import a database. While executing the dbimport command, the database got created, around 15 tables got created and loaded, and then I got the following errors:
271 - Could not insert new row into the table.
131 - ISAM error: no free disk space.
Can someone please help me resolve the errors?
Thanks and best wishes to all.

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Hey Merlin,

These two error codes are generated due to several causes.
1. Error 131 is occurred when there is no contiguous free disk space available in your Hard disk drive to complete the operation.
2. For Informix related products roll back to the current translation and make some disk space, then execute the program again.
3. Error 271 is caused due to a locked table, row or column in the database. Some times when the disk is full, you need to unlock any tables and other entries and try again. This generic error can be resolved by using EXTENT, SIZE, and NEXTSIZE which helps to minimize table dimensions. Also try to alter the extent definitions if you have lots of VARCHARs in the db.

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These problems are common errors generated due to low disk space in IDS.

You can try out these things:

1) Increase the space of temporary dbspace.

2) Add one or more additional dbspace.

3) Increase the space in rootdbs dbspace.

4) Reduce the arhchiving time by implementing incremental activities.

5) Set the dbspacetemp variable of the session to larger dbspaces.

Hope this helps you out