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I find nothing fancy in most of the important guides, which means I have to continue with the plain quest/ design option. Company.local is the name of the internal domain, while the external is Claim based goes hand in hand with

My question is do I need to use ADFS proxy to gain external access to CRM 2011 while at the same time using IFD? Each time I attempt to include a relying part trust, the message “403 error” crops up. Furthermore, is it normal for the name to be the IP belonging to the ADFS Proxy.

Category: Google Chrome

What can I do to solve this problem? A am using the latest version of Google Chrome but still I always experience the crashing problem. I even re-installed it and clean my registry using CCleaner.

Category: iPad


I was just wondering if it was at all possible to tether my motorola atrix (which has a 2gb data plan with at&t) to my apple ipad? I want to have access to the internet with my ipad when im not in wifi range.

Please let me know if there is any possible way to do this!


Category: Misc Software

What softwares can I use if I wasn't to record a hands-on tutorial about Photoshop without using a webcam or video camera? Is there something like a "video screenshot?"

Category: Windows 7

Well I have some old programs for which I need the XP mode to run but I can't them to run on my Win 7 64bit with this virtual XP mode machine.

Can Anyone help me out ?

Category: Web

When using a song of a recognized musician of a popular rock group along with a user created video, are there any legal issues when publishing it to a website?

Category: Hardware

While trying to set up ancient video games like Dave I received this problem: "D:\FLASHG~1\DAVE.exe

The NTVD CPU has encountered an illegal instruction. CS:c000 IP:5b9a OP:0f 00 00 00 03 Choose ‘Close’ to terminate the application.

I can't start my .bat C++ gathered applications; as I attempt to press on the .bat, it posted a dark-colored CMD screen and runs.

I have scanned my PC using ESET antivirus 4 and Malware bytes but no threats have been found. I am running Windows XP.

16-bit MS-Dos Subsystem

Please help me.