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Category: Firewalls

I am configuring a firewall in Windows Server 2008. I need to add multiple subnets to an inbound rule but it is making me add the subnets one at a time. Is there any way to add multiple subnets at the same time?

I tried separating them with commas and adding them via the GUI but it would not take it. Also if you have already input a long list on subnets on one firewall rule, is it possible to copy it over to another firewall rule?

I have two kids, and they play around 2-5 hrs in a computer.

I want to know if a wireless mouse is safe from any kind of radiation or others that can affect my children.

Category: Misc Hardware

Even I booted it from CD my bios cannot recognize my CDROM, it always says; “there is no Optical Drive.”

But in windows XP it normally display my CDROM and read my windows CD normally.

I don’t know what is the problem here.

Anyone have suggestions?


My system is windows 7 professional. From today my internet is not working. LAN connection is fine. Wireless also fine.I use internet through my university LAN. I have dual boot with Win XP, when i boot to Win XP, internet is working fine. When i change the network cable to another Win 7 PC also working fine. I checked all places, everywhere working fine.

Would you recommend a proxy server at a homeinternet connection? Is it safe?

What does this error message on my mailbox meant?

When I am trying to export the two mailboxes an error message is coming which says it cannot connect the source mailbox.

‘Category Information Not Specified (0:Int32) (New-Mailbox Export Request) Remote Permanent Exception’

‘Fully Qualified Error Id 1E14B24F Microsoft Exchange Management Recipient Tasks New Mailbox Export Request’

I have searched for help, but nothing found. Kindly help me to get out of this problem. Thanks in advance.

I am trying to run Ulead Video Studio 11 by creating a film as I need to transform the Ulead data to a film document.

But I got an error when I am in 50% of the process.

The error is shown below:

Ulead VideoStudio

Unable to load library.