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Category: Internet

I am using Internet Download Manager to download data from internet but now it’s not working. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling but still it is not able to connect to the internet to download the files. What may be the probable reason for this?

Category: Hardware

I want to use an external hard drive as my internal hard drive is full in space but I am not sure that I will be able to use it.

Please tell me if it is possible and of which company should I use the new external hard drive.

Category: MS Word

I want to hold the text as stationary while moving its background. Is it possible by using html.

Please provide the code for it. I believe it would bring a very passionate effect on my website.

Thanks in advance.

Category: Windows 2000

When should i use Last known Good  whenever i want to recover my computer ?

I want to use free spreadsheet program. Is there any free spreadsheet program that is available to download?

If yes, then where can I find one to download.Any help would be appreciated.

Category: Misc Software

How can I edit a PDF file. I need this urgently because I have to create a slide. Is there any software to create and edit PDF files?

Please respond as soon as possible as I have to create a presentation slides.

Thanks in advance.

Is ecommerce only possible with web designing.Can't it be done without web designing? Is ecommerce a vital part of web designing?

Category: Windows 7


I use windows 7 operating system and I need to back up my computer. I have heard that this process is a feature of windows 7 but do not how to use it. I want someone suggest me on this issue. Please, someone help me out of it.

Benjamin Morgan

Category: Misc Security


I have Kaspersky internet security installed in my PC and it has slowed down the PC.

I need to know why is this problem happening.

So far I have known there are other people using this internet security but they do not seem to have this problem.

If it is a problem with the settings then I really need to know how to fix it.

Please someone enlighten me on this problem.

Benjamin Morgan

Category: Misc Hardware


I have got a Bluetooth related error message which I have enclosed below.

I am looking for a solution or cause for this problem.

I have not learned anything about this problem through my searches.

I am looking for someone to identify this problem and kindly notify me.

Please, should someone find the reason behind this error help me getting enlightened.

Benjamin Morgan


Compatibility issue between a Bluetooth service and Windows