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Category: OS

What's the difference between the resources that are used when a threat is created and a process is created?

What factors do I need to consider in choosing a wireless network adapter that would be compatible with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption?

Category: MS Infopath

What are the steps to make an Infopath 2003 form compatible with an Infopath 2007 form?

Category: Linux

Hi all,

We have ‘Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4’ in our PC and our PC is not quite working , means,  it is not booting. A friend of mine told me that OS is crashed. Problem is, we have very important files and data in that computer and we cannot afford to lose them. Any expert can tell the way to how to recover  overcome this problem?


Category: Apple Laptop

Hi everyone!

I have recently installed a new video game in my laptop. However, I cannot play it because both the audio and graphics of the game are not synchronized. The former functions too fast while the latter is very slow and stop frequently. Can somebody please help me find a solution for this? Your suggestions or recommendations will be very helpful to me.

I am trying to install a trial version of ShowBiz DVD 2 and when done with the installation, I tried to update it to ShowBiz DVD Then I started to create my DVD using it but when I clicked the “Write Disk” button, I received the message “An error occurred while rendering the motion menu."And I also got the message “Failure writing the disk" attempting to start burning my DVD. What is wrong with it? How can I sort it out?