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Category: Misc Software

The problem which I am facing at present is I am unable to unzip Karaoke Files.  I have many files in a ".zip" file format.  I have initiated to unzip some of them with the help of many programs that commonly zip or unzip ".zip" files but surprisingly it doesn’t do the job.  I get this error message everytime I unzip the files:

       ! C:\Users\FrostWire\Data\xxxxxx(KARAOKE)\ The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

Category: OS


In Linux OS, it is close to impossible to install Microsoft Office. (If you persist, you can install it using Wine.)

With that said, how can you accomplish installing MS Office in Linux? Is that even possible without using third-party software? I would like to be able to open MS Office documents on Linux. Any ideas?

Need your help. Thanks.

I have already enabled event validation through <pages enableEventValidation="true"/> in configuration or <%@ Page EnableEventValidation="true" %>, but I still get this error message saying invalid postback or callback argument. This happens every time I wanted to remove a record from my datagrid. What should I do with it? Is there something wrong with client script manager? Please help. 


Category: Misc Software

Hi, I want to know how I can fix an AOL software .exe that is corrupt and unreadable. 

I already have run such tools like the checkdisk utility to try to resolve it, but I still get the same error.

Anybody can help me how to fix this error myself?

I would like to install clients in another forest and I do not want to download the client installation source files from the management point. How do I go about that? Also, please let me know what ports should be open for client communication between two forests.

Category: Windows XP

On Windows Start-Up, I am getting the following error:

‘Error loading module--> C: \WINDOWS\msmsetet.dll’. 

I weekly run the CCleaner. I have also tried downloading some programs to solve this. But still I am getting the rundll32.exe error. Has anyone encountered this problem and solved it?Any help would be much appreciated.

Category: MS Excel

In Excel, I want to redo the matching rows (Rows A to C) in a spreadsheet imprinting any sheet of the workbook. Also, whenever I try to do that, I am unable to choose different sheets at the same time. I also tried selecting all the sheets and tried printing them but still no luck. It appears that this is a “sheet only property.” Is there any other ways aside from this? I’d be grateful to those who can help.