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Hello there.

I have here 10 images in my computer and I need them to be uploaded so that I can send them to my friend.

Its only possible for me to upload 1 image one at a time.

I needed them to upload at the same time to lessen the hassle.

What will I do to send them all at the same time..?

I would appreciate you helping me.

Thank you.

Category: DB2

Hi there!

I need somebody to please tell me how to get the current date?

I will compare my record to the current record?

What is the query for it?


Good Morning.

Im planning to buy a Laptop next week but I don't know what specs should I look at.

I want a laptop that could be used for both programming and gaming.

What are the specs that I should consider on?


Hello there guys.

I am currently editing some images today using Adobe Photoshop but Its making me wonder the relationship between it and Adobe Illustrator.

Some say that Illustrator is much better than the Photoshop but I don't really know about it.

What are the advantages of using adobe Illustrator against Adobe Photoshop?

Category: MS Access

Hello there.

Ive been working on some database for my program.

The data contained on the database is saved on MS Access.

I wanted it to transfer into a spreadsheet in MS Excel.

Is there a way I do to convert an MS Access into and Excel file directly?

Category: Touch-Screen

Good Evening.

Ive been using my phone for how many years already and I think its about time to buy a new one as a reward for my hardwork.

Im planning to buy a touch screen mobile phone but Im not yet quite sure about its features and capability.. 

What are the disadvantage that I might encounter when using touch screen mobile phones.?

Category: DB2

Hello everyone.

I just want some help on this. I want to insert a column "N" in my database with a data type TIME.

I already did some research, but it still wont work. The error says it overflows.

Does anyone care to give me the right syntax and example in inserting this type of column n n..? 

Hi everyone!

I have encountered a problem that caused Yahoo.Messenger.

YmApp to stop working correctly, and Windows will always close the program.

Below is a screenshot of the error message.

Yahoo.Messenger.YmApp has stopped working.
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
Any advice on fixing this issue would be much appreciated.
Category: Visual basic

Using  Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, and Visual Basic 7.0, I've been trying to write a macro that will go into the same directory as the active ppt file. It should observe all the documents in the specified folder and generate a series of buttons that will create a hyperlink to each document that assembles the criteria ????.ppt.

I've found the basic logic in implementing this, but when I try to run it, the problem lies in loading an array. My researches have directed me to implement the, string, searchCriteria) method, but I am always getting a runtime error 424: object needed. 

Here are parts of my code that are related to the problem:

myPath = ActivePresentation.Path

Hello everyone!

Please help me out with this problem. I have noticed that an FTP uploading facility that I've been using to send some files to a web page via live data suddenly stops in the middle of uploading files whenever the application is not set to update after six (6) seconds.