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Category: Misc Software

I am running Adobe Connect 9 installed on my server and I am unable to go beyond the mail settings window.

My SMTP host is working fine with other applications, but it somehow doesn’t work with this application. I am putting a valid email address under System Email field. But, it still comes up with an “Invalid Email ” error.

validation error

Validation Failed

Email appears to be invalid:

Category: Java

Is there already a javafx 2 report viewer which has the embedded PDF viewer?  I'd like to put the report viewer in HTML through its API which supports CSS.  Where can I find javafx 2 report viewer?

Category: MS Excel

I have an iMac with the Quad Core Intel Core i7 3.4 GHz and OSX Mountain Lion. I need to do a spreadsheet and I want to use MS Excel. Is there a way if I can activate Office 2010 Mac?

Category: Windows 7

I am getting the following error while trying to update virtual box on my windows 7 (64-bit). What does it mean and how can I resolve this error?

Windows update standalone Installer The update is not applicable to your computer.

Category: Misc Software

Are there a software sending video to my phone 4s without using iTunes? Video is 1080p and about 900 MB. I'm using Windows Vista 64 bit. 

Thank you.

I have Xsplit installed on my Toshiba satellite A505-S6965. But when I run that, am observing this error which doesn’t occur immediately when I open it, but it happens much later. I do not notice that until am about to turn off broadcast on Twitch tv. I suspect it could be because of my low system specifications. Does this happen to anyone else anytime?

Runtime Error!

Program: ...rogram Files (x86)\SplitMediaLabs\XSplit\XSplit.Core.exe

I recently installed Siebel crm desktop version 30 which I patched to 30.1 for Linux.  i can't find the administration in the repository.  Is there amore recent patch for this or do I have to upgrade?

Category: MS Excel

I am using export SQL excel PHP class, I like to know if there are any scripts that I can export SQL into an excel file, because I am making company website, where people can upload pictures and the file name will record into the database.What I want to happen is when a user like to view something in excel file, I like to appear also the image in the excel file when it is being export to SQL.  Is this possible?

I heard about Real VNC, a remote desktop program to connect to the computer, can I remotely shutdown using vnc?

Category: Google Chrome

I want to control my winamp directly from my browser, so does anyone knows about some app plugin winamp browser  which will do that? I have Firefox and Chrome, so this app should be able to run with these browsers