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Category: Server Software

I was working on a document and was saving it when I got an error saying the document could not be saved. Did I do something to get acrobat save error 23 on my computer? The file is not so huge and I am wondering why I got the error. I have tried to optimize by browser and checked some settings but still got the same error.

Category: Suggestions


I am very much fond of different kinds of theme. Yesterday I heard about the Broadway Tumblr theme. I don’t know how I can get it. Please, give me some link of sources of the same theme. Do I need to buy it or free of cost? Please, inform me as soon as possible.


Category: Movix Linux

Hi Experts,

My computer is running with Linux Operating system. I have faced a great problem for playing .Asx file in my Linux. Now I need to play asx file linux How can I do that. Can anyone answer me with this?

Category: Mobile Software

Hi experts

I would like to know more about HTC Farming games. Farming games are my favorite game. In my htc phone some farming games are not supported such Fairy Farm, Tap Ranch etc. When trying to install it shows corrupted file. How can I solve the problem please help me.

Category: Software Others


I want to have impressive gratis gothic gif software to download stuff from there and share with my friends and community members.

Thanks for any help.

Category: Suggestions


I had a AOL email account and I used it for my old business operations. But the deleted lot of old emails accounts and my email account too. I need some details in that account and is there a way to get them?

Thank you

Category: Suggestions


I have small advertising company and do most of my business and transactions online. I need to give my website management which was created using open source CMS to some organization that I can trust, so is there a place to outsource?

Thank you.

Category: Apple OS


I am using Mac operating system in my Apple computer. I got a movie from my friend in the file extension of .dmg. I can’t open it in my PC. I need to convert it to common movie file type such as .mov. Please help

Thanks you.

Category: Others


I am creating a project in university lab and I need to know how to lock php folder to protect my data. Otherwise anyone can access and use that files.

Help me.

Category: Anonymous

Hi everybody,

Please advise about the authenticity and security of Linux SMTP statistics I need it as soon as possible if possible.