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Hi. I am using avid studio for editing video and mounting different songs over album of pictures. Converting media files is easy task in it but I am facing studio crashes problems. When I add more music album and try to use them, avid studio stops working and shows crashing problem. Other features are working well. Please tell me how to solve this problem.

Category: File Servers

There is a XMMP server for large (mostly) Russian social network

Beejive was not able to connect to the server with Push. It's saying that username. Or. Password. Invalid.

I guess the server expects to see login sent without the part.

I.e. my login there is, but server expects to see nadvorny only as login name. But for Beejive its not allowing to go online with a login without the part.

How can I login to the server? (Note I am not able to connect to it with IM+, Pidgin and Adium clients so this almost certainly Beejive issue).




After downloading Microsoft Expression studio4, I used PowerISO to extract the files which gave this error message. Any ideas how I can resolve this problem?

Microsoft Expression Studio Setup

Category: MySQL Server

I'm using a 15-inch MacBook Pro with OSx Mountain Lion. I'm using MAMP that came with MySQL. The default MySQL port is 3306 but seems like MAMP is running on port 8889. How do I port in PHP 8889 MySQL?

Category: Misc Hardware

I heard from one of my friend about Horizontal Boiler for Computer Drive, Do any one know about manufacturer of boiler, which can be operated using computer through USB

Category: Misc Networking

I want to know some kind of way to send serial com in dos, so does anyone know how that communication actually works? If someone has some tutorial, please tell me, I am trying this for a long time.

Hi Experts,

There is a serious problem with my InDesign CS5. Unfortunately I am unable to create a new document on it. But whenever I open old document with InDesign CS5 it works well. Please help me to solve this problem.

The screenshot of the error is attached below.

Thanks in advance.

Problem Report for InDesign

InDesign quit unexpectedly.

Click reopen to open the application again. This report will be sent to Apple automatically.


Category: PHP

I am willing to create a press release using the php scripts. Please help me to create the press release script. Is there any website that might help me to know about the php press release script?

Category: Misc Hardware

I am planning to purchase Japanese bookshelf speakers.

I have 2 questions regarding it.

1. Which model should I purchase?

2. Can I use Japanese bookshelf speakers without wires?

Waiting for your answers.

Category: MS Word

I have at least knowledge about Microsoft word. Therefore, can someone explain me how can I add numbers or some kind of sign to each sentence that we type?