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Category: OS

An error message always appears which says "NTOSKRNL.exe is missing".

What does this means? What might have caused this?

I am afraid my computer would break down.

What am I going to do?

Is there a solution for this? Help me

Category: Windows XP

In Microsoft Xp, there is a feature that enables you to clean your desktop my friend told me that but I have a hard time looking on how to enable it. Can somebody please help me how to enable it? 

Category: Video Cards

How can I install latest video drivers on my computer? Is this possible? Should I identify first the manufacturer and my model of my video card? I want my drivers to be updated. Can somebody give me the step by step solution for this?

My keyboard is not working. The brand of my keyboard is HP. I didn't do anything with my keyboard how come it doesn't work? Do keyboards have batteries? I need your help as soon as possible please! your help is highly appreciated.

After I connected my USB, my laptop doesn't turned on anymore.

It is still not running up to now. Is there a problem with the USB I connected?

Or should I check my battery for this?

Help me out please!!!

I always receive an error saying "Misssing command interpreter" whenever I boot my computer.

What do you think is the problem with this?

is there a problem with my hard drive?