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Category: Misc Hardware

I have a Laptop and the floppy drive keeps on making annoying sounds. The sound won’t go off; I checked the drive if there is a floppy disk inside it but the drive is empty. I don’t know what’s causing this problem. I’ve also checked if there are any objects inside the drive but nothing was found. Please help me anyone regarding this matter.

Category: Firefox

For the past few days, I’m experiencing a problem while using Safari. After using the browser for about half an hour, I clicked add new tab, but nothing happens. When I tried to open new site in my existing tab, my Safari hangs up and eventually quits. Below is the error message after Safari quits:


Safari quit unexpectedly.

Category: Software Others

I am using OpenOffice under Windows 7. But recently, every time I opened the application for the first time I always received an Application Virtualization Error. Before this message will appear it will take minutes before the program totally closes and then display this error. But when I restart the application again it will now work perfectly.

Application Virtualization Error

Application Virtualization Error

The Application Virtualization Client could not launch 

Calc 3.2.9498.500.

Category: Windows 7

I tried using System Restore this morning because of a sudden change occurred in my computer. But after the processing it gives me an error, the System Restore did not complete successfully.

System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer's system files and settings were not changed.

Details: System Restore failed to replace the file (C:\Windows) with its original copy from the restore point.

Category: Ubuntu Linux

I am trying to create an Ubuntu installation from USB stick. I’ve downloaded an ISO Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit and followed the instructions that are provided by the web site. On the process of creation, when it reached the progress of about 26% to 28% an error message is displayed


Installation Failed

Category: Email Servers

I’ve started using Google mail as my email provider. I am not pleased with it after experiencing this kind of problem. Every time I sent a message to multiple recipients my mail always treated as a Spam.

I have also tried sending it to only one recipient but also ended as Spam. What can I do about it to prevent my mail from being treated as a Spam?

Category: Windows 7

Yesterday I have installed a new version of Nero but I found out that it had a conflict with some of my programs. It tried to uninstall the new Nero and install the previous version that I have been using but still the after effect of the program is still there. My last resort is to use the system restore but when I try to start the system restore an unexpected error occurred associated with 0x80040154.  See the image below.


Category: Visual basic

I am making a visual basic program for inventory use. When I use the format function a compile error message appears when I try to run the program. I’ve already reinstalled the Visual Basic and still give me the same error when running the program. Any suggestions would gladly be appreciated.

Microsoft Visual Basic

Compile error:

Can't find project or library