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Category: Misc Software

On a Windows Vista machine I run the IDT ezWrite Workshop software that I have just installed for the first time and got the error message as follows:

“Run-time error '75' Path/file access error
The software doesn’t have any information on this error on the user’s manual.
The problem is unknown.”

Could I get a solution to this error?

Category: JavaScript

Hello all.  For a calendar picker, the class XoopsFormTextDateSelect  is being used in a custom module development.  2.0.18 is My Xoops version.
I get  the JavaScript error message: xoopsGetElementById is not defined.
How can I solve this problem?

Category: Windows XP

Hi techyv, I need help to have two versions of Windows in one computer.  My Dell system said that I needed to re-load my Windows XP Media Center to fix a problem.  I reloaded but it did nothing.  But now, whenever I start my computer, it loads a newly loaded version of windows, and doesn't have any of my files on it.  The technician said to hold down f11 on start up and arrow down to the second version of Windows XP media center.  How do I get rid of the version that doesn't have my files on it?

 eyeOS can’t be accessed by typing the code after the installation wizard has completed all its procedure required. Can you provide me with any solution, please?

Category: Misc Software

While installing the software, the following error message shows. Could you help me in this regard, please?


Are you sure you want to install this application to your computer?         
Publisher: Unknown         
Application: PingKaching         

Category: MySQL Server

Single SBS 2003 server in small domain, obviously holding all FSMO roles, DNS, DHCP, File and Print, is not using any of the functionality of SBS, i.e. SQL or Exchange. I’ve tried to install and migrate it to a Server 2008 standard. ADPREP /forestprep and ADPREP /domainprep all ran successfully, Server 2008 is joined to SBS 2003 domain but when attempting to dcpromo Server 2008 into SBS 2003 domain, all go well until trying to replicate the schema. It shows the following error:

The operation failed because:

Active Directory Domain Services could not replicate the directory partition CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=local from the remote Active Directory Domain Controller Server.domain.local.

I have installed Camtasia studio 7 and it runs error free but the time I record something it results in an error message. I have recorded by plugging in input microphone though I need to record without plugging-in this device.

Please, find the error message in the screenshot below and describe the way to solve.


Camtasia Recorder

Unable to record audio.

No audio input device or microphone has been detected on this system.

Please check that microphone is connected properly before continuing

Hello Everyone,

I have this big computer problem that I can't seem to figure out at all. My computer is only a year old and I do not keep it open for more than 8-10 hours a day. But recently, it keeps on shutting down randomly, within an hour or two. Though, it doesn't give me any trouble after that I just find it very weird and sometimes frustrating especially when I am in the middle of an important work. It happens once everyday. Can somebody explain to me what's going on,please? Thank you very much!

Category: Web Graphics

Please advice how can I save a .jpg file that would be suitable for website upload. I created an illustration using Adobe Illustrator CS5 and have saved it as a high-resolution .jpg file, frame size of 50x90.

Anyway, the problem now is when I tried uploading it to the website, uploading keeps on failing. The maximum file size is 800 MB and my .jpeg is only 580 MB, I do not know why it keeps on failing although there's no error message that appears on the website. Is it the website's problem or my computer's internet connection? Anyway, I hope you guys can help me solve this issue as I really wanted to submit my artwork. 

Is there a significant difference between Reportizer and Database Tour Pro Reporting? Which of the two gives the most advantage in terms of result and features?