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While trying to paste art into PS CS4 vanishing point grid, I get a memory error:

"Photoshop.exe application Error The instruction at 0x7755886b referenced memory at 0xffffffff.

The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program"
Virtual RAM/Cache, HD space and RAM, I have plenty of in PS preferences.

I request any suggestion to solve this problem.

Category: Hard Drives

Hello friends on techyv, I am planning to reformat my laptop completely. I want all my usernames and passwords to be stored somewhere so that after I reformat the computer I can just restore them back. Does anyone know if this can be done? Can I store the information on a hard drive?

Category: Misc Software

It could not connect to WHITEHALL or address was the error message that appeared when I attempted to print a document. What error is this? Should I also bring a digital copy of my document with me to campus when I use Laptop Printing from home?


Installation failed.     
The installation failed. A detailed log has been written     
to ControllerLog.txt. Select here to open the folder in Explorer

Category: MS Word

This is really an MS issue and I wish someone out there would help me. I have created Unicode fonts with special characters in the Private Use area of the Unicode map. The fonts work well, and can be used in MS by inserting symbols, and selecting the characters.

Moreover, when I create a keyboard, and try to type the characters from my keyboard, MS decides automatically that I am using Japanese and changes the font. I turned off the automatic language detection as per the help files but this did not change anything. 

Has anyone else faced this after creating a font?

I need a bit help for him or anybody else.

Thanks in advance.

Category: Hard Drives

When I was keeping a backup on a brand new Western Digital 2TB model, the following error message popped up: 

"The backup task was aborted because the destination volume's mount point changed."

The hard disk has lots of files copied onto it. So I don’t realize how the backup was aborted. It is mentionable that the model of my computer is iMac running OS X 10.6.8.

Please, help me by providing with a solution.

Category: Misc Software

I’m a student and studying SolidWorks at the Pitt State University. I’ve got 2011 Student edition software. When I try to start with my SolidWorks, it asks me to register for the software as the trial version has already been expired. Regardless of this, when I tried to uninstall SolidWorks by couple of attempts, it resulted in the same error message stated above. Could anyone please help me about this?


SolidWorks Standard ...

Could not initiate the transaction (66,
errored [8, 41013,0]).

Hi Techy Guys out there!

I wanted to know if anyone of you here, have encountered

I wanted to ask if there are similar websites that does the same thing?

Can someone give their own personal feedbacks on the efficiency of the application?


To experts here who are familiar with Munin (a monitoring tool that surveys all computers and remembers everything that it saw); how can you rate its efficiency in terms of monitoring the performance of your networks and applications?

Are there other similar tools that you can recommend?

Has anyone here encountered Toad Data Modeler? I wanted to know first-hand experience on how effective their Alter Script Feature in resolving issues related to a series of errors after Alter Script generations. Are there other similar database reporting tools available in the market that has the same feature that you can highly recommend?

Category: Gentoo Linux

I wanted to know what do they mean when it is noted that I should "emerge" Adobe Flash in Gentoo Linux. I have come upon this term in one of Gentoo Linux's forum but I do not understand what they mean with "emerge"? Does it mean I have to embed or download Adobe Flash in Gentoo Linux? How will I do it? Can you guys help me out in understanding it clearly?

Thank you.