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I have Nintendo and I tried to download a new game via WiFi, but there is not enough storage space.

This gaming console's storage as it only has 512 MB.

How to  transfer data from my Nintendo to my SD card?

Category: Chat/IM


How can i prevent the listing of the directory? In my accessible folder, I do not have an index file and when i access through a browser its contents are listed.

What is the best solution to my problem?

How to install virtual CD on my PC ?

I have windows XP, please recommend me a program

Category: Windows Vista

How does disc cleanup work in Windows Vista?

I tried it once and it showed almost 10GB of data to be cleaned. But after completing disc cleanup my drive show only 4GB of the data cleaned.

Category: Windows Vista

Is it possible that windows updates may contain virus? I have kept auto update install enable in my windows vista. After the last update my Laptops works very slow and there are some starting problems as well. How to reverse the effect of the updates?

Can anyone suggest me about any Data Recovery software available on internet, which one is good one?

Category: C

What is a compiler and what can be the usage of it in C++ programming?


I am having problems copying files from my Linux based ftp server to a windows based machine.

Whenever I try to access my ftp server from my LAN network it always gives me the following error:

Anyone have any ideas?


FTP Folder error

An error occurred copying the selected items from the FTP Server.

200 Switching to Binary mode.
227 Entering Passive Mode (10,1,1,1,40,75)
213 435847168
550 Failed to open file.

Category: Oracle Database


I have oracle database. Is there any way to take incremental backup's in user managed backup's without using RMAN. Please explain with the procedure.

Category: Outlook Express


I have outlook express configured to get emails.

When i open OE every time i get an error message:0x800c0133.

Please anybody help me.