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Hello tech people,

When I try to run a registry cleaner, I got an error message pop up. I am not a technical person so having hard time with this problem. How do I fix this problem? For your information, I have Windows XP operating system 64-bit and 500GB hard disk. I have attached the error image please do help me. Thanks a lot.



Class not registered.

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Hello Pro,

While working with TDMS I was stuck up with a problem. I tried the same method again after some time but the error remains the same. The error code is 14112 occurred at Driver VI, how do I fix this error? It helps with some possible reasons for the error. However, I do not understand the reasons exactly. Please guide me. Thanks.

Error 14112 occurred at Driver VI>>

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Hi there,

While working with Genome Viewer when I try to fetch the data from the host I ended up with a problem. The error message pops up and it stopped fetching data. I do not understand anything from the error message. I tried to trap the error, but I cannot. Help please. Thanks in advance. Your help is great.

Genome Viewer

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While I am working with creative cloud, I got this error image and then abort the application. I do not understand where I went wrong in the process. I tried to get help about nothing seems to correct or fix my problem. I have attached the error image; please do help me to rectify this error. Thanks a lot.

Core Creative Cloud.exe – Application error

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Hi Brainy,

I have Microsoft Excel 2007 in the laptop when I try to run an ActiveX macro I ended up with an error message. The Macro stopped working all of sudden I got an error code 32809. In addition, it says the application will exit now. What I have to do now to avoid this error message? I tried to trap the error, but I cannot. Help please. Thanks in advance.

There has been an error.

Error running C:\Program Files (x86)\CoffeeCup Sofware\CoffeeCup

Website Fornt\CoffeeCup Website Font.exe :

Open_listening_port(32809): No error

Cannot open port 32809

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Hi Pro,

When I try to download a video from an authorized website, I got this error message. I do not understand why I got this error. Is my antivirus software is not allowing me download any video? Do I need to change any settings in that? Friends suggest me some idea to overcome this error. Badly in help. Thanks.

Security Warning

The publisher cannot be verified by a trusted source. Code will be treated as unsigned.

Name: DBsignUWS

ValidatorException: PKIX path validation failed:


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I am experiencing a weird error message right now. The error message states that “Fatal error message an unspecified error occurred”. I thought the plugin was installed perfectly but when I try to run it, I got this error message. I have attached the error message below please help me to fix the error. Your help is great. Thanks.


Fatal Error Message

! An unspecified error occurred! FileName: PluginTest.js Method Name:

trialErrorFatal Severity: Fatal Message: This is a fatal message

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Nikon 400mm f2.8 lens whats the cost? is it available in US & India?

Where can i buy it and what are the features?

How different is it from the previous version?

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What is the MUTE feature in Twitters?

Why is this new feature added? and how to use it?

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I have this error with Eclipse and I don’t know why this one appeared. I have inserted a correct Xhtml and still. I am not an expert working with Eclipse so am looking for an expert solution. Can any expert from this website help me with my problem? Is this an Eclipse error and how can I prevent it to happen in the future?

Thank you!

Unsupported Content Type

Unsupported content type in editor.

To associate file extension with a supported content type, please see Content Types Preference Page

Do not show this message again