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I have configured SIP Trunks onto my Lync 2013 Server. When I try to place a call from the client to a PSTN network, I get a call could not be completed error message. I have configured SIP trucks as follows: I downloaded the latest topology from CMS in Topology Builder and saved it on the local hard disk. Then I edited the properties in PSTN Gateway properties of the Mediation Pool to ‘Enable TCP Port’. Next I proceed to define a new IP/PSTN Gateway by entering the IP address of the PSTN Gateway. Then I changed the SIP transport protocol to TCP and finished by publishing the topology to CMS. Please can anyone spot what is the mistake made that might be preventing me from placing the call? Thanks for your help.


I got some trouble and the error message displayed on the screen when tried to embed YouTube into PowerPoint. I am looking for expert’s advice so that I may fix this problem. If you have any idea then, assist me. Any idea would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

PowerPoint cannot insert a video from this embed

Insert Video from Web Site

To insert a link to a video you’ve uploaded to a Web site,Copy the web site and past it into the text box below:

Microsoft Power point


I attempted the above to no avail, the issue isn't just isolated to the MSI service, it seems to be somewhere in the add remove programs not registering that the uninstall file is there and accessible when pulled from the Uninstall String registry key, using procmon from sys internals it has no issue finding the key under the Uninstall key and getting the display name etc. It even goes so far as to call a Create File on the uninstaller itself to verify it's there but then goes no further, I have attempted in safe mode under the true administrator and a separate test account just to be safe all giving the same error as below. Have any suggestion?

Hello, I have encountered this weird error message using the Microsoft Excel library for base options now I am unable to understand this error and can’t fix this. I need your assistance. Any help would be grateful. Thanks for help.

Web browser does not support ActiveX controls

Message from web page:

The list cannot be displayed in Datasheet view for one or more of the following reasons:

-A datasheet component compatible with Windows SharePoint Services is not installed.

-Your Web browser does not support ActiveX controls.


My Computer is double error message and I can't fix it. The problem is it has two "Autolt Error" and i don't know what it means. These happen when I boot up. I need an expert’s advice. Please help me. Thanks.

Array maximum size exceeded

Autolt Error: Line 5525 (File”C:\Tools\testing\Driverpacks\FindHwids.v3.2m.exe”): Error: Array maximum size exceeded.


I've just got a VM going to test TRIM v7.1 and Office 2010 integration.

Windows 7 x64, TRIM 7.10.1132

In TRIM, I configured the integration as per the screenshots I've attached. (NOTE: I know the Word button is unchecked, but I did check it... more to follow)

However, integration is not working. In Word, if I manage the COM Add-ins via the Add-Ins option, I get an error about the HP TRIM Add-in for Microsoft Office, that says:

Load Behavior: Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in: Any suggestion? Thanks.

Exact Synergy Enterprise: Error


Office 2010 (64bit) is not supported with Exact Synergy Enterprise through product update 250. Before updating any software consult the supported hardware document. Have you any idea to fix this issue? I would be grateful. Thanks.

Exact Synergy Enterprise Error

Exact Synergy Enterprise Error:

Automation error

Invalid access to memory location.

Hi, I recently installed a PHStat2 Add-in program for Microsoft Excel but I received this annoying error message when I attempted to run it with Excel. I am running Windows 7 Operating System and looking for proper resolution. Help me. Thanks.

PHStat2 Add-in program for Microsoft Excel

PHStat2 Add-in: PHStat2 cannot find the required PHStat2 system file. You may need to rerun the PHStat2 setup program with the proper account privilieges. 


I newly installed Cryptography on my system and got an error message running Microsoft Office requiring an update. I can’t understand this whole message. I hope you can guide me with a good solution. Thanks.

Digital Rights Management Cryptography UnsupportedCryptographicSetException


Why am I getting this error message when attempting to import a Powerpoint file. I am trying to resolve this problem but unable to find any resolution. I need your assistance with proper solution. Thanks in advance.

Exception occurred while importing the Power Point files

Moyea  PPT to Video Converter:

Exception occurred while importing the Power Point files


ERROR:[EOleException]: Unspectied error.