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Skype, Wallcooler VPN and Freegate

Internet has become a necessity in the past years. Technological advancements in the world of Information Technology have provided numerous hardware and software to make internet better. The introduction of more and more devices and software is making the use of internet more convenient and speedy. The use of internet was limited a few years before but the users and usage of internet has increased with time and is increasing rapidly.

Category: Networking

Advanced ip scanner and  Advanced port scanner

Advanced ip scanner: As the name indicates IP scanner is used to scan IP addresses. Advanced IP scanner is a user friendly, robust and fast IP scanner available for windows operating system. The Advanced IP scanner is used to track different types of information over the local network in just a few seconds.

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Wi-Max versus WiFi

The human society has been divided into different ages and eras depending upon the different types of advancements, progress, and developmental stages of evolution through which it has passed during the course of the history.

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Wireless Lan

WLAN or technically speaking, wireless local area network is the most admired technological innovations created by mankind. Using this technology, two or more devices can stay connected even without the hassles of using physical cable wires that will connect them together.

Believe it or not, even without these peripherals, devices are allowed to have connectivity to the internet anytime and anywhere as long as they meet the necessary requirements.

Three WLAN components

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Convergence and Overview to Some Network Peripherals

Convergence is the perfect term to describe computer networks. Computer network or merely called a network is simply defined as a way for computers to speak or communicate with each other.

With the benefits of a network, life becomes more practical and convenient. Establishing communication with different people from various spots in the world is just some clicks away, reducing cost and time constraint. Through network, computers can send file to each other, receive emails from each other, share various hardware and resources with each other, set up a security, preserve information and a mixture of dozens other things.

Category: Networking

Overview on Internet Protocols and How it Works

The (IP) Internet Protocol is a protocol or method wherein data is sent and received from one computer going to another over the Internet. Each host or computer on the Internet have one IP address at the minimum that is unique, it identifies it from the other hosts or computers over the Internet.

Category: Networking

10 Must have Tools for the Network Administrator

The world is full of tools for Network Administrators. In fact, if you did a web search for Network Administrator Tools, you would come up with about 8,800,000 results in Google alone. Try it; I did.

Some of these tools are free, some are commercial products. Some are good, some are – well, not quite so well.

While many of those 8,800,000 results will be duplicates – okay, probably most – you would still waste a month of your time investigating them all.

Category: Networking

What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

VPN enables you to connect network resources from one network to another. Through VPN, we can create a secured link between a private network (such as corporate office's network) through a public network (Internet). It uses particular TCP/IP protocol called Tunneling method, which provides similar protection and characteristics with a private network through Internet or through another public network. The information is transmitted using a routing infrastructure.

Using VPN and Internet connection, you can login to your secured private network anywhere. VPN also allows companies to link to other company’s network or to its other remote branches' network.