What Do You Know About Power Boosting Wearable Processors


We have seen new fashion, technologies coming all our way. There is a drastic change in the past few years of technology. Mainly there is much improvement and enhancement in gadgets such as mobiles, laptops, etc. Wherever you see, you can find everything is smart, touch screen, etc.including your wearable watches. Not only the display of the time, but they also perform many tasks such as calculators, the Internet, etc.

Now keeping this in mind, Qualcomm has designed a multipurpose smart watch which has now become the most wanted gadget in the present generation which is a processor focussed wearable called The SnapDragon Wear 1100. The main feature of it is that it prolongs the battery life of the wearable as it includes special Power Saving mode. Qualcomm has revealed about its key features, i.e., low power features at the Computex 2016 event. 3G modem and LTE allows you to connect to the internet and for easy device pairing through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Using of processors in the smartwatches is not something new in the market; the watches die or live by their processors. But this is a completely new innovative gadget. For more comfort and more battery life this device is provided with the low-power capabilities, connective features, and the compact size than any other wearable.

This is the best option as a smart wearable if you hate charging your device all the night.

The Qualcomm has upgraded the previous device and came up with something called Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor which is 30% smaller than its older model nothing but the Snapdragon 400. Like the Moto 360, all the smart watches of Android use this processor only. Though the second generation has new features, it still runs on the older processor because of its battery juice getting drained soon.

Now in this device, there are options such as Bluetooth, 4G/LTE/3G and Wi-Fi versions for connectivity. Though it is being tethered or not, the processor will use 25% less power.

The main motto and targeted audience of Qualcomm are next-gen techs. This is the reason they are using new processors in the Snapdragon Wear platform. More features of it are revealed in a press by Qualcomm’s Raj Talluri about the platform such as smart sensing, sleek designs, connected experiences always, long battery life in the next generation of wearable devices of Qualcomm.

Now LG is also in a line to produce the new chip in smartwatches in the future as the vice president of LG; David Yoonhas announced that they are going to collaborate with Qualcomm to produce more wearable devices along with the smartwatches in the coming year. Though Urbane 2 have tried the same but dint receive much success rate, now it is LG’s turn to check its fate. We can have many functionalities done by these wearable in the coming years such as fitness tracker, internet connectivity, etc. Now it is the trend of smartwatches, and new gadgets are being released in the market day by day.



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